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You're smart. You're capable.

And yet so frustrated that despite having all the

knowledge of what to do, you still feel stuck

in the repetitive thinking and/or

behavioural pattern. 

Despite your best intentions you find

you are not feeling the success that you

seek in your health & life goals.


You've come to the right place. 

Lets put the control back in YOUR hands.

Lets identify together, the invisible blocks to your success, 

so you can move forward with confidence, clarity,

calm and freedom to live the 

fulfilling life, you desire.

You deserve the special care and attention 

that personalised coaching

with Jenny, offers. 

My EFT Story

Mind & Body Wellness Coach

Smart, capable and confident on the outside, screaming frustration and out of control on the inside. 

For 40 years I struggled with binge and emotional eating without a clear reason or solutions despite trying every diet, pill, potion, technique, promise of freedom, all without success. 

I had no idea why I could be so disciplined and controlled with my day to day health goals and yet when I least expected it, I would feel hijacked by a third party to eat huge quantities of food.  Guilt and shame followed. 

Then the familiar cycle of restriction and extra exercise to repair the damage.   AND the food never filled the void!

40 years of struggling with this seemingly controlling habit, without outward symptoms.    I felt so alone.

Until I found EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)  & my life finally took the turn I had been seeking.

To my surprise,  my eating was not about the food & it was not about the exercise.  When I was able to identify the triggers & access my inner wisdom with a calm amygdala, the root causes were able to be released permanently.

Bit by bit I was encouraged as I untangled & released the invisible blocks in a gentle & empowering way.

Now I live with Freedom & relaxation around food with  huge pleasure. (without the side of guilt)  It feels goood!

I am excited to be able to help other's now in identifying & releasing the invisible blocks that stop them achieving success in health and life.  Maybe you want this too?


Life is too short to be held back by the invisible blocks we are not even aware of

You know there is something missing, you just cant put your finger on it.   The subconsious mind holds a wealth of valuable information which the process of EFT can access.

Ultimate Stress Reduction techniques

that are Evidenced Based

Evidence-based techniques that you can use on the run. Techniques that identify the root cause of your problem and calm the body's natural smoke alarm - the amygdala

The mind talks and the body listens. What message is your body screaming to you?

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Yoga at Home
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Emotional Freedom Techniques

Gently releasing the invisible blocks that hold back success. 

An easy fast & mobile technique that puts you back in control.

Listen to Dr Peta Stapleton

Clinical Psychologist below

Stress Response

- Hijacked

Fight/flight/Freeze response, blocks access to the rational brain.  EFT provides access and release of negative emotions.

Hear Dr Peta Stapleton Researcher

& Clinical Psychologist explain here

Self Sabotage

Habits, hidden triggers & limiting beliefs mean logic goes out the window and only returns AFTER the event, despite our best intentions

Client Comments


What clients have said of EFT


"A bit Weird but wonderful"

"It sounded Woo woo and then I experienced it"

"Too simple to be this effective"

"I felt ridiculous but it (EFT)was surprisingly effective"

"Strange and unorthodox - but incredible results"

"Completely wacky at first - but amazing"

"How could something so simple help me? - I feel so light now"

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