Jenny Malcolm BAgri

Professional Progress Coach,

          Oamaru     New Zealand 

          0274 477079

Certified Health Coach                                     NLP Practitioner                 Diploma Professional Coaching

Hi I'm Jenny. 


I am curious to know what is most important to you.

I am passionate about helping people like you to

access your inner resources to get what you want.

Being a farmer I understand the challenges rural

people face and the special lifestyle that farming offers


Currently sheep and beef farming  in North Otago, I have a background in dairy farming, dairy consulting and banking.  Being a mother to 4 daughters has given me further valuable life experience.


I am a passionate about Coaching high achievers like you because like me you are driven, you have all the answers you need - sometimes the solution is not always immediately obvious.  Lets make progress together!


A rich and fulfilling life is for anyone.

I believe that we live our lives in our minds. How we internally represent our everyday experiences will determine our reality.  It starts with our thinking.

As individuals we all have the ability and choice to change the way we think which will change how we feel and then how we behave. Much of what we think is affected by what we focus on.  What are you focusing on? 


My role in a coaching relationship is to listen intently to what you are saying and not saying, so that I can ask the curious and sometimes hard questions. 


My role is to guide you to become more self aware of your thoughts and actions to  ultimately lead you to your own solutions where motivation, growth and clarity are outcomes.  


In a coaching relationship with me,  you will be treated as an equal and the expert on you.


It is a confidential relationship and without judgement because I believe you live your own life according to what you want to get out of the process, which for everyone is different and right for you. 


My clients tell me that -  holding them accountable to do what they say they will  - is one of the many valuable aspects of coaching with me.

My Story

At the age of 45, having achieved our life long goal of dry stock farm ownership and building our dream family home,  almost overnight I was taken by surprise.  I felt stuck and admittedly depressive about my future.  I had everything I needed and yet I felt so lost. 

For 5 years I searched for an answer, a direction, a purpose.  I read every self help book, researched businesses to buy or build, without any solutions, until I undertook a self coaching programme and discovered my core values - the things that are most important to me - not anyone else, Me.   


Bingo!   For me this was my turning point.


Now I understand my core values in my conscious thinking mind, I can live my life journey with renewed flexibility and choice. 


I have a future that is consciously shaped by what' is most important to me.