Your Outcome is my Focus

Helping smart, capable individuals remove the invisible blocks to success in health and life

I'm passionate about helping people overcome challenges, gain motivation, make smart decisions and ultimately, feel great about the life they are living every day.

I've learned a lot and am looking forward to sharing evidence-based insights and tools with you in a personal coaching session.

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My Vision

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Making a difference is a key driver for me. I'm passionate about helping people like you to access your inner resources to achieve what you want.


Through years of study (ongoing because learning matters to me too), I've amassed some exceptional tools. 

We all have the ability and choice to be who we want to be. My vision is that everyone who wants to, has access to the best available information, tools and expertise to achieve their goals. 


I can support you in actualising that.

Our Relationship

Understanding what makes you tick

In a coaching relationship with me,  you will be treated as an equal and you will remain the expert on you.


It is a confidential relationship and one without judgement. We all live our own lives and everyone is different. My job is to take you through a toolkit that makes the options you want more available to you.


My clients tell me that holding them accountable for doing what they say they will  - is one of the many valuable aspects of coaching with me.

That, and the honest insights they discover.

What to Expect

How to create the habits you want

Ultimately, you will be supported to find those solutions that best deliver motivation, growth and clarity as outcomes.

My role in our coaching relationship is to listen intently to what you are say and don't say, so that I can ask the curious and sometimes hard questions. 


Using evidence-based tools and techniques I help you see become more aware of your thoughts and actions, finding what works for you and what doesn't.  

Let me help you to progress your goals.

All progress starts with just one first step.

My Coaching Story

At the age of 45, having achieved our life long goal of dry stock farm ownership and building our dream family home, almost overnight I was taken by surprise. 


I felt stuck and admittedly depressive about my future. 

I had everything I needed and yet I felt so lost. 

For five years I searched for an answer, a direction, a purpose. 


I read every self help book, researched businesses to buy or build, without any solutions, until I undertook a self coaching programme and discovered my core values, the things that are most important to me - not anyone else, me.   


Bingo! For me this was my turning point. Discovering that one of my core values was Purpose which for me means "Making a Difference",


I realised it was the missing link and that in using my strength of asking great questions I would make a great coach - what a fantastic purpose!

Now I understand my core values in my conscious thinking mind, I can live my life journey with renewed flexibility and choice.


I have a future that is consciously shaped by what's most important to me.

That's what I want for you too.