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What Jenny proposed really interested me, but I still went in slightly ‘unbelieving’.

For three hours I got the interrogation of a life time! (It wasn’t as bad as it sounds ;) ) Jenny sat opposite me and got probing.

She wanted to know what made me tick, what words jumped out when she spoke, how I think, what I like to do, how I see myself, how I think others see me, what gets me passionate. She wanted stories of times I felt happy, frustrated or unsure.

Admittedly, this WAS an exhausting process but one I really needed and one I am very grateful for!

NOW, to share my findings.

Chanelle, Farming Mums NZ


Working with Jenny has been my first experience of personal coaching and I was a little unsure of what the process might look like and what benefits might be gained from it.

I have never been one that enjoys being told what to do and was anxious that the concept might not suit my personality. The reality was quite removed from this as Jenny quickly worked with me to understand what motivated my behaviour to create a bespoke coaching plan which was quite different from a one size fits all program I had been expecting.

When I began to work with Jenny I was at a stage where my professional career had reached a plateau  and I was asking myself some serious questions as to which path I should choose to take in the future and my self confidence levels were less than optimal.

A number of exercises explored my values set and dealt with goals and priorities in life in an orderly and defined way that is almost impossible to do without some third party assistance.

Chris, Farmer & Director

London Street

Often, we need to stop and clarify where we are at, and the best path moving forward.

I was struggling with this until a friend suggested I talk with Jenny

Jenny asked strategic questions, then spent a lot of time listening.

Most valuable to me was her help in enabling me to clearly identify my values - what was important to me, prioritising these, then helping me to align these with my day to day life and decision making.

Often, I found it very challenging   - in a good way!  She made me accountable for the practical things I said I would do between sessions.

Jenny was very professional, has high integrity, and her expertise enabled me to come up with my own answers, and the courage to act and make changes

Philip, Finance Professional

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"With Jenny's professional and educational guidance, she helped me to discover my goals, aims and dreams in a realistic manner and time frame in accordance with my values.  She has many tools and resources on hand to assist in discovering where your priorities lie. 

A year on and I have achieved all my goals successfully.  This has been attributed to Jenny helping me to create a step by step path to follow with goals and time frames while keeping a balanced life style. 

I would highly recommend Jenny's expertise coaching to anyone that is wanting direction in their life, looking to commence a new business or get the life and passion back into their existing business."

Nic, Farmer & Business Owner

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In a nutshell, the most useful and insightful tool for me, was the core values work we did together.  It really helped me to not only understand myself and my behaviour on a whole new level, but also the same in others and how differing sets of values can cause conflict.

It really explained alot about me to me.  Some things I had never understood or found frustrating in the past suddenly became clear and made sense.  

Jenny was approachable and personable, incredibly enthusiastic and clearly passionate about what she does.

The process provided me with some useful tools/and techniques.   

I guess you could say "I get me" better than I ever did before.

Tracey, North Otago Rural Professional