EFT Testimonials

What Clients Have Said

At the time I thought it (EFT) was ``Woo-woo" and didn't think much of it. Later I met Jenny, heard her story and was intrigued. After some research and discovering it has been used by those with PTSD I thought, "What do I have to lose?" 

Working with Jenny was like speaking to a wise, thoughtful friend. She always made me feel like I was the center of the universe and supported me on my journey.

As I had breakthroughs she went a step further and equipped me with the knowledge and tools to be self sufficient. 

Sumaya - Coach 


I had no knowledge about EFT and was very curious about how it worked.

I felt that my lack of confidence was blocking my trajectory in my career and after a discussion with Jenny, was ready to work on this area of my life.

My experience with Jenny and EFT was surprising to say the least. With what appeared a simple tapping routine, Jenny managed to unblock several pain points that I never realized were holding me back from engaging in certain areas in my life, in a confident way.

I had always thought that working through problem areas in your life takes many sessions and may end up being unresolved & feeling like you have wasted time.   In my experience, not so with EFT.

Marielle - Keto Health Coach

Leg Injury

I recently had a traumatic job related experience that I was struggling emotionally to deal with. Jenny quickly identified that my grief was triggered and exacerbated by a similar life experience that I had had 25 years ago that I had not dealt with. 

After Jenny had completed the EFT process I felt so much better, less emotional and better able to reflect on the more recent experience in order to improve my practice as a clinician.

Jenny is warm and friendly and intuitive and makes you feel safe and comfortable.  Working with her has been a wonderful experience.

Tammy - Occupational Therapist

Elderly Woman at Gym

I'm not sure what I expected, but what I experienced was nothing short of life changing.

If you break a leg you go to hospital & everyone sees the cast - not so with emotional problems.

I was astounded by the ease in which we assessed the issues that I had no idea were behind the way I had been feeling and coping with for years.

My experience with Jenny using EFT has been non-threatening Empowering and Life changing.  I am now thriving!

Sherry - Busily Active & Mature

Rock Maze

We talked briefly around a health issue I have struggled with for some time, Jenny's gentle questioning techniques uncovered possible critical moments in my life that happened before this was a health issue.  I focused on the emotions connected with this event and started the painless tapping process - that felt a bit weird at first.   To my amazement, on the first tap on my forehead, I felt all the trauma of the event subside.  The yuck just left!!! 

I can now talk about the event without feeling any emotion.

The session was brief but dramatic.  If you are feeling stuck in making progress in your health/life goals, I recommend you spend some time with Jenny.

Raewyn - Health Coach

Scientist Using Microscope

My sister had been suggesting I try tapping for 10yrs. I found myself strangely resistant to EFT despite being pretty adventurous with most therapies.  My opinion quickly changed once I started to see Jenny.  She explained the science & didn't assume I was like everyone else which I really appreciated. She carefully adapted the process to suit me as we went through our sessions.  I now have a tailor-made tool to use anytime to manage strong emotional reactions.

Elizabeth - Scientist


As I am on a self discovery & recovery journey, a friend recommended Jenny. I had no idea what EFT was about or how it could help me.   I started with a focus on anxiety & then took on the huge challenge of stopping smoking!

As a result of the EFT work, I feel empowered to take on challenges of life with a more balanced & level approach.    I can "tap" my way out of any negative emotions.  I feel very in control of my emotions & balanced. It has been such a positive & wonderful experience.

Angela - Motelier

To begin with, just thinking about cockroaches made me shudder with disgust - they were, to me, filthy disease carrying vermin with malicious intent.  I had a real phobia about cockroaches.

Jenny explored my feelings toward the filthy creatures.  As we did so, I experienced a cognitive shift, realising that they were simply a part of the ecosystem and had their own place in it.

Since our sessions, my phobia towards them diminished - they are now no more than an inconvenience.

Marie - Emotional Freedom Coach