You're smart. You're capable.

You're ordinarily a great problem solver.


And yet, there's an issue that's keeping you stuck - something you can't quite work out on your own.


You've come to the right place. 

Evidenced-Based Progress Coaching

Evidence-based techniques to remove invisible blocks to success:

helping you figure out what you really want to achieve and how to make that happen.

Tools on Workbench


Clarifying your vision and what's most important to you 


Smart techniques and tools for work, life and play


Accountability and support to move you forward


About Me

Professional Progress Coach

I am passionate about coaching high achievers like you, because like me you are driven. When I say driven, I mean you don’t like to settle for things just as they are. 


You actively look for answers to your questions. You notice patterns of behaviour (in yourself and others) and you want to understand those better. You’re uncomfortable when you feel you’re not making progress, at least in some part of your life. That’s true for me too.

If you’re looking for a clear purpose, direction in your life or simply wanting more from life,  I get that because I've been in that place.  I'd love to help you get there too.   Now’s a great time to get in touch.

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Client Comments

Farm Field

I was at a stage where my professional career had reached a plateau and I was asking myself some serious questions [...]  A number of exercises explored my values set and dealt with goals and priorities in life in an orderly and defined way that is almost impossible to do without some third party assistance.

Chris, Farmer & Director