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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Values are usually quite a private thing but in order for you to understand how knowing these could benefit you, your decisions and your relationships, I’m going to be transparent.

Here were my 6 identified values, in order of importance.

  • Growth

  • Freedom

  • Accomplishment

  • Connection

  • Support

  • Collaboration

To give you some context to these words:

Growth - I love learning, up-skilling, absorbing information to strive to be the best version of myself. This also means I’m not very good at staying still, meaning I do lot’s of different things - but also it appears mad to others, this is what I love and how I thrive. Growth and continued education also gives me a feeling of freedom over my life and a sense of accomplishment.

Freedom - This word covers many areas. Freedom of speech and choice. Freedom to explore my ideas. Freedom to take risks. Freedom to be confident and unique, The desire for monetary freedom so I have the time and opportunity to grow and accomplish all the things on my long (long) list.

Accomplishment - I love to achieve my goals. Don’t we all? What I lack in singular focus and specialisation, I make up for in a wide array of interests, passions and skills AND the desire to achieve each one of them. What I have also come to learn is - ‘fail’ quickly. Don’t waste time on things you can’t accomplish - BUT don’t give up on them. Bank them for when you have the time, money or people to collaborate, support and achieve with. In fact I don’t at all like the term fail more like, know when to stop pursuing and know when to revisit.

Connection - I never thought, before Farming Mums NZ, that this was a necessity of mine. It turns out, connection is a huge huge part of my life. I don’t like being disconnected, I like sharing my time, I like chatting, I love supporting and helping others. This is often a core value in all my ideas. Connection is why I have a blog and why I do what I do.

Support - FMNZ again, has really highlighted this for me. I love being in a position to be able to help, support and communicate with people in their time of need. The fact people trust me daily with such personal information is really special and I will never turn down a request for help - I just can’t. If not me then who? I guess I can also flip this around also - having people who support my ideas and thoughts is also important to me.

Collaboration - One thing I sometimes get stuck on when it comes to business concepts and goals is collaboration. Looking back, there is a clear link between successful endeavors and having other people along for the ride. (FMNZ, Half-marathon, Book etc). On the flipside, the ideas that are still sitting in limbo are purely there as I haven’t found the right person or company to collaborate with!

Another way to look at all of this is, say you have a business idea, a job, a decision to make, a relationship that isn’t quite feeling right, you are unsatisfied or unhappy. What values are missing from that situation? Am I feeling supported? Do I have freedom over choices or hours or my role? Do I feel like I am accomplishing something or am I on the rats wheel of life? Can I change this? How?

Chanelle O'Sullivan

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