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Core Values - What's the big deal anyway?

Updated: Jun 25, 2020


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Core Values – What’s the big deal anyway?

The term Core Values is banded around liberally but what’s the big deal?

Why and when should we be concerned about knowing what our Core Values are?

Core Values are not something you choose or aspire to.

Core Values are innately part of who you are as an individual at your Core, based on what’s most important to you. They develop as a process of being drawn towards experiences of reward, resonance and pleasure. Therefore Core Values are uncovered rather than chosen.

In my experience

I discovered my Core Values in midlife after having spent my entire life focused on and achieving big life goals.

Instead of feeling amazing and happy at this point of having everything I had spent my life focused on attaining, I found myself feeling lost and disheartened, empty and not a little depressed.

This was NOT what I expected and the worst thing was I knew there was something missing but couldn’t put my finger on exactly what.

“Is this it” I asked myself?

I wanted More, yet I didn’t know what More looked like.

There began my journey of self-discovery

Reading every self-help book, signing up for workshops and google searching over a 3 year period. During this process having avoided fluffy emotional topics such as Core Values, dismissing them as not my solution, I eventually arrived back at that place, with reluctance and desperation.

I wish I had known earlier that discovering my Core Values was to be the start of the next exciting stage of my life!

Uncovering what had always been my key drivers, my internal compass, and my motivators, allowed me to clearly see what was missing in my life.

My Head now understands my Heart’s desires

Now I live my life logically according to the deep emotions that fulfil me most.

When I sense something is missing or uncomfortable, revisiting my Core Values list usually has the answers.

I feel empowered to understand myself on a deep level.

Live a fulfilling life from a place of truth and authenticity

Knowing that what is most important to me is MY Unique Cocktail and is different to other people and that is ok.

Living a life of Authenticity from a place of presence, understanding and consciousness puts me in control – in MY driver’s seat.

No second guessing when it feels right.

If you or someone you know would benefit from understanding why you do what you do, I’d love to hear from you.

The time is now. Get more from life or help someone you care about find More.

Jenny Malcolm jen.mmalcolm@outlook.com June 2020

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