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Lockdown - Forced Reassessment

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

This has been a unique time in our history. Lockdown has forced us to experience life and work from home and in isolation.

For many of us this forced experience has come with some insights about what is truly important to us.

Its ok that we are different

I’ve heard people talk about enjoying working from home and wanting to continue with that - for these people they may have experienced more of what’s most important to them as individuals – it might be a greater sense of autonomy, flexibility, connection with family, balance, health. It will be different for everyone, but underneath these areas there will be something innately important to them. And that's ok.

For others’ it will have become very clear to them that working from home was intensely uncomfortable. Maybe face to face connection is really important and therefore missing, or their competency to do their job was challenged. The lack of structure and routine may have been frustrating. Again this will be different for everyone, but for each individual, deeply important.

What are Core Values

Core Values are part of who we are as individuals on a deep level. The show up in our behaviour and experiences whether at work or at home or at play. Lockdown forced us to reassess consciously or subconsciously what is most important to us as individuals in our jobs and at home.

For some it will be the impetus to discontinue their current line of work and seize opportunities to change what they do as a result of the disruption.

Others’ will be grateful that they do the work that they do.

There will have been many challenges and frustrations – which frequently highlight what is most important to us individually. We are all different in our experiences and what we have come to value as being important to us. This big thing to note is that different is ok as long as we realise that the things that are important to us are not always important to others’ and vice versa.

Flexibility and Choice - Life is Good

Having the ability to understand ourselves on a deep level and make decisions based on what is most important to us, allows increased flexibility and choice.

When we live our lives according to what’s most important to us – life is Good!

It’s worth considering - What frustrates you on a consistent basis? And conversely, what are you doing consistently when life is good for you?

There will be Core Values lying underneath these answers.

If you're curious about your Core Values and what's truly important to you, now might be a good time to work through a evidence-based Core Values session with me. Get in touch,

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