Jenny Malcolm BAgri

Professional Progress Coach,

          Oamaru     New Zealand 

          0274 477079

Certified Health Coach                                     NLP Practitioner                 Diploma Professional Coaching
Values based coaching

Discover your core values

Goal setting with accountability

Business Vision, Mission and Values

Manage stress and retake control of your health

Gain clarity and forward movement

your solutions

Coaching is a process of self discovery so you come up with your own solutions that mean the most to you.


Regular accountability is one of the factors of coaching that clients say they appreciate the most as it inspires and nudges action.

complimentary first session

Its important to me that a coaching relationship is motivated by you the coachee and that you are ready to take action on your desired outcome.


Sometimes management can be a lonely place and having a confidential sounding board a very valuable service. 

I value confidentiality.

Coaching Options
I can work with you for a single 2 hour session or longer depending on the issue you wish to address.  Alternatively I can work with you over a period of weeks or months on a regular basis to achieve your outcome.  Facilitation of workshops for business planning or any team outcome you are seeking is also a service I can tailor to suit your needs

Having trouble making a decision?

How much easier it would be if you knew what was really important to you.