Evidence-Based Progress Coaching

Evidence-based techniques to help you figure out what you really want
to achieve and how to make that happen.

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Free discovery session to see how it works

FREE 45 minute 'taster'

I offer a free 45 minute 'taster session' to determine if coaching is right for you and that we can work well together.

Progress coaching is particularly helpful when you're feeling stuck. Often that stuck feeling relates to a specific problem, but it may also be that you simply feel overwhelmed.

My business is about helping people progress through that stuck feeling, work out your best course of action and identify your next action steps.

Achieve your goals using your key drivers

Understanding what makes you tick

If you're seeing patterns in your life that you want to examine or change, this process will put you on a path to success.

When you know what truly matters most to you (what your core and consistent drivers are), two things happen:

  1.  You get some powerful tools to help you make decisions, manage conflict and motivate yourself with ease.

  2. You recognise we're all different which makes it easier to identify and let go of 'other people's stuff'.

Make changes easily using smart life hacks

How to create the habits you want

If you're frustrated because your best intentions don't seem to stick, then let's work together to help you succeed.

Breaking or making habits is hard, right? What if I told you it's not.

Using a proven, evidence-based process, I can help you create lasting change.

Changes that used to feel hard become easy, the progress you want to make finally comes into reach and you get tools to employ whenever you need to succeed.

All progress starts with just one first step.